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DIY Kitchen Shelf Project - Under $10


Looking to add more storage and organization to your kitchen?  Look no further!  Easy and affordable DIY project for under $10.


DIY Kitchen Shelf Under 10 

Let's talk about shelving shall we.  I love shelves.  All sorts.  All styles.  All sizes. 

One thing that I believe kitchens lack is storage.  Cabinets are great for plates, cups, and blenders.  Pantries are ideal for cereal, granola, and peanuts.  But what about the other stuff?

I'm thinking my daily go to items: salt & pepper, coffee, ground flaxseed.  You know the usual? ;) I use ground flaxseed in almost everything!  

In my old apartment, I bought a floating shelf from Target to install near the oven/range.  I hated it.  Perhaps I didn't install properly, but it was not the right size and it sloped down.  My S&P kept sliding off! I needed something specific.  Not too deep and not too wide.  I was having a hard time finding Mr. Shelf Perfection.

When I moved in with Raymond, I decided to make my own shelf.  Yes! Make it! 

It was a great DIY declaration moment.  Fast forward 10 months and the shelf had yet to be made. :/

During a recent trip to the Habitat ReStore, I decided that a skinny piece of lumber would be just want I needed!  And for $1.50, I couldn't pass it up.  

I took my lumber to Lowe's Home Improvement and had them cut it to my desired length.  They asked no questions as to where I purchased.  Score!

DIY Shelf Rustoleum Stain

I meandered to the stain section and picked up a small can of Rustoleam Ultimate in Dark Walnut. The blogosphere is full of great testimonials to this brand. Off to hardware for some L brackets and I was ready to make my shelf! I used Stanley Corner Braces as brackets. 

DIY Shelf L Brackets

Start with a piece of lumber.  Consider your width and depth.  Cut the lumber to your preferred width.  

DIY Shelf Step 1

Using a sanding wedge, sand the wood twice. Once with a course grit, next with a medium grit. With a damp cloth, wipe the wood clean.

DIY Shelf Apply Stain

Shake your can of stain.  Apply with a brush (foam or natural bristle), sock, or washcloth.  Apply evenly and with the wood grain.  Let sit for 10-15 minutes.  Wipe off excess with a clean wash cloth.  

DIY Shelf Spray Paint L Brackets

Spray paint the L brackets and screws to match your shelf or leave as is.  

DIY Shelf

Using a level, determine where to place the shelf.  Install and voila!  Instant storage!  

DIY Shelf L Bracket Close Up

Here is a close up of the shelf attached to the wall. 

What is your best kitchen storage tip?  I would love to share!

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Until next time...