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Yard Sale Series: Getting Started


Are you looking to maximize your time and effort from a yard sale?  This series will help you get started, organize your time, and maximize your profits! 


It is yard sale season!  How many of you scout out sales on the weekend?  *hand raised*

Before I start working with clients, I encourage them to think through the question, "What do you want to do with your unwanted items?"  I give them the choice of donate (my favorite because it is easy), host a yard sale, or sell at a consignment store.  

A lot of people want to have a yard sale, but they underestimate the time and effort that goes into having a successful sale.  You get out what you put in.  If you want to waste a few hours on a Saturday morning making $50, then be my guest.

Yard Sale Series Part 1

My "Yard Sale Series" is designed for those homeowners who want to make top dollar during their sale.

You can find links to the entire series at the bottom of each post.  


The cart does not go before the horse.  Before you start gathering your items to sale, you need to start here.



    - Non-holiday weekend

    - Near a common payday (1st and 15th)

    - Saturdays only (yes I have seen people host Sunday sales -- I never understood this)

    - Warm weekend (April through September)

           - I think April, May, August, & September are the ideal months.  June and July are vacation months; families are simply out of town.

    - Decide on hours (7am-12noon) (8am - 1pm)


Doing this well in advance can pay of handsomely for you.  There will be items that simply won't sell.  If you plan to donate them after the sale, then call your local Goodwill, Habitat ReStore, or Kidney Foundation.  Ask if they schedule pickups on the weekend.  If so, then ask to get on their calendar for the afternoon of the day of your sale.  

You will be exhausted after the sale and this will be a lifesaver!  

Yard Sale Sign


You will need several signs.  

    1. Directional for your neighborhood

    2. Flyers for your local grocery store and coffee shop

    3. Pricing for the actual sale

Go ahead and get these made in advance.  

Secure a posterboard to thick cardboard with tape.  Pizza boxes work great.  Using fat tipped Sharpies, write the following on directional signs:

     - Date

     - Address

     - Time

     - Arrows pointing toward your home 

     - 2-3 large ticket items (John Deere, Pottery Barn)

For pricing information:


     - Explain pricing structure

            RED = $1

            YELLOW = $2

            BLUE = $5 .. and so on

Make 3 additional signs:  CLEARANCE BIN, FREE WITH PURCHASE, $1 STORE

Draw up a flyer in Microsoft Word and place in your local grocery store and coffee shop community boards.  Ask permission first. 


My favorite part.  Time to clean up and out.  Anything you don't like, haven't used in 6 months, or forgot you owned should make it to the yard sale pile.  After you have gathered your items, organize them by function:  Toys.  Tools.  Kitchen Gadgets. Clothes.  Electronics.  Books & Music.  


This is the most important step.  DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!  


One week before: create an event on Facebook for your yard sale.  Invite your friends.  Ask them to share it.  

Friday before:  Share the details of the event in your status.  Ask friends to share your status.  


Thursday before: Post information along with any pictures to the Garage Sale section. Repost the information on Friday and Saturday!


Week before:  Email your friends and family letting them know that you are having a yard sale.  Add all information and any preliminary pictures.  

The next series will focus on what to do the week leading up to the sale like gathering supplies, hanging flyers, etc.  

If you have any specific questions you want me to address, then leave them in the comment section!  :)

Yard Sale Series Part 2: Week Before The Sale

Until next time...