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Charlotte Today - Organizing Your Summer Schedules


Did you catch the Charlotte Today segment where I gave ideas on how to stay organized with an unorganized summer schedule?

Charlotte Today is such a great talk show for anyone local to the Charlotte media market.  I've been on six times now and I love showcasing fun ideas for viewers. Today's topic was geared towards organizing your schedule during the unorganized summer months.

Summer is a great time to slow down and unwind, but it also means schedules and routines go awry.  I wanted to share 4 areas that families could focus on during the summer months to help keep the family organized.

If you missed the segment - you can watch it here.  

IMG 9724 

IMG 9725

Menu Planning

Without a plan, dinners can be very stressful for moms.  I've created a free menu plan that will help make this chore a lot less stressful.  

Use "On the calendar" to fill in scheduled family activities such as "Soccer Game @ 6pm".  No need to make a gourmet meal when you are at the ball field until 9pm. 

For a free printable of the menu plan, click here. 

IMG 9727

Activity Boxes

Camps are a great way to fill kid's days during the summer, but when they aren't in camp I recommend activity boxes or jars.  You can fill the boxes with different activities like stationary so the kids can write a letter to grandmaw, or a baseball so the kids can play outside.  You want to keep them engaged, interested, and learning during the summers.  

IMG 9728

Chore Charts

The best time to introduce chores to kids is during the summer.  The worst time is when school is starting and schedules are packed with sports and homework.  

There are different ways to go about teaching kid's chores, so I recommend sticking with what works for your family. 

One idea is the UH OH box.  

It can be as simple as a plastic container or cardboard box.  When the kids leave something out, mom puts it in the UH OH box.  The only way it can be retrieved is by completing a chore.  

Another idea is a chore chart.  For a free chore chart, check out Passion For Savings.

Make sure the chores are age appropriate. 

Date night

Between pool days and vacations, mom and dad can get left in the dust during the summer.  It is so important to carve out time to spend together sans kids.  

If the kiddo is at overnight camp, then head to the movies or your favorite restaurant.  And if that doesn't work with your schedule, try a date lunch at the park.  Pack a picnic and head to your favorite park for some quality time together. 

Be sure to set your DVR's for Thursday, August 20th - I'll be back on Charlotte Today talking Back-To-School organizing! 

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