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Charlotte Today - Back-To-School Organizing


Be sure to check out my Charlotte Today segment!  It is full of great ideas on how to get organized for Back-To-School!

Charlotte Today is such a great talk show for anyone local to the Charlotte media market. Today's organizing topic is centered around how to get organized for back-to-school.

Charlotte Today

Summer is over and it is time for routines and schedules to take over family life.  Start the school year off on the organized foot with some helpful tips to get organized and stay organized.  

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If you missed the segment - you can watch it here. 

Organize the kids room and playroom.

Spend some time with the kids to get their spaces organized.  Don't expect them to understand how to do this on their own; show them what you mean by picking up and cleaning out.  

Donate anything that they don't like, doesn't fit, never wear or use!  

Remove anything from the space that doesn't belong.  

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Create a "Homework Station"

Use what you have to create a homework station, but make sure the essentials are there such as pens, pencils, erasers, scissors, glue sticks, etc.  

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Include a "Mommy Inbox" tray to collect papers that need to be signed/reviewed or kept. 

Place the homework station in the kitchen, dining room, or living room (where ever the kids will do their homework).

The purpose is to keep them organized and focused while doing their homework, and to cut down on all the "Mom, where is _______?!"

If you need some ideas on how to create a Homework Station - check out my post from last year. 

DIY Homework Station with Mason Jars

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Calendars & Schedules

Mom's need to stay on top of calendars and schedules during this time of year more than ever.  

Use a paper calendar, electronic calender, or productivity apps.  Whatever makes it easy to stay on top of everything - use it! 

The purpose is to make sure appointments aren't missed, errands are ran and dinner is planned/made.  

If you like paper calendars, then I recommend the Studio C Weekly/Monthly Dated Planner.  Love the size (big!), love the monthly and weekly view.  And the adorable designs are a total bonus! (available online & in stores at Staples or Walmart)

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Time management for teenagers

Start teenagers (middle and high school age) early and teach them how to track their schedules and use a calendar.  

I recommend starting with paper calendars.  Visually it will be easier for them to track their schedule - you can move them to electronic versions later.

Don't forget to make it fun!  Get a fun planner, use washi tape and colored markers.  

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Some of my favorite planners are from Studio C by Carolina Pad - check them out here. (also available at Walmart & Staples) I recommend getting one that is smaller in size - a large planner might be too cumbersome. 

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Make sure you tell them what and how to use the planner.  Such as: write down class assignments, school meetings, sports events & practices, and work schedules (if employed). 

The purpose is to teach them as early as possible about time management - they will be going to college soon and need to know these skills prior.  

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Binders are great for all the paper stuff.  They come in all shapes and sizes - use them to your advantage in any way that makes sense.  

Use for meals with a Menu Binder.  Use for each child to keep track of school papers.  Have the child use one for their school term.  For some fun binders, check out the cute patterns from Studio C. (available at Target)

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I also ran into my friend Rebecca Glavin! :) We went to graduate school together.  I recommend watching her helpful segment on how to create healthy boundaries within your family.  

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