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Charlotte Today - Organize Your Mudroom / Drop Zone Area


Be sure to check out my Charlotte Today segment!  It is full of great ideas on how to organize your mudroom/drop zone!

Charlotte Today is such a great talk show for anyone local to the Charlotte media market. Yesterday's organizing topic was centered around how to organize your drop zone/mudroom.

Charlotte Today - Organizing Mudroom - 10 of 10 

If you missed the segment - you can watch it here. 

For more ideas, hop over to my Pinterest board.

The mudroom or drop zone is the area in your home where you and your family enter and exit. 

Define what the space is and what it is NOT 

This will help you and your family keep the space organized by knowing what to store and what not to store in the area.  

For example, it is not a coat closet.  Coats should be moved to the coat closet, not stashed in this usually small area.

Use organizing tools to maximize the space

The size of the area will determine the layout and tools to use.  Use what you have or purchase "new" ones.  (these tools don't have to cost a fortune - I buy most of my items from secondhand stores like the Habitat ReStore)

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Tools to use can include inbox trays, file boxes with folders, corkboards, receipt organizers, etc.  The point is to use what is necessary to help corral and organize the incoming papers. 

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You can include a calendar (wall mounted or spiral bound) to keep everyone on the up and up in regards to the activities and schedule.  

If you like paper calendars, then I recommend the Studio C Weekly/Monthly Dated Planner.  Love the size (big!), love the monthly and weekly view.  And the adorable designs are a total bonus! (available online & in stores at Staples or Walmart)

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Use hooks to seperate hanging items.

Anything that hangs should be on a hook: backpacks, purses, briefcases, gym bags.  You want to keep them off the floor and out of piles.  

Charlotte Today - Organizing Mudroom - 6 of 10

Go one step further and label each hook: "Jennifer's Backpack", "Mom's Purse".  It might seem like overkill, but visually it will be easier to see what is missing before you leave.  

Use bookshelves to store shoes

If your family prefers to leave their shoes by the door, I recommend investing in a large bookshelf.  Go with something that has 4 or 5 shelves.  Anything shorter will be less than functional and in the way.  

Habit will keep the space organized

It is easier to keep up than it is to catch up.  To keep any space organized it will take habit and time.  Communicate the goals with the family and remind them to put things where they belong.  It will take some time, but eventually it will be second nature and they will tire of the nagging. ;) 

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