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Charlotte Today - Organize Your Home Office


Be sure to check out my Charlotte Today segment! I'm talking about four easy ways to organize your home office! 

Charlotte Today is such a great talk show for anyone local to the Charlotte media market. Today's organizing topic was centered around how to organize your home office.

Charlotte Today Home Office Organizing Jennifer Burnham Pure and Simple 3

Charlotte Today Home Office Organizing Jennifer Burnham Pure and Simple

Charlotte Today Home Office Organizing Jennifer Burnham Pure and Simple 2 

If you missed the segment - you can watch it here. 

I love organizing home offices which is a great benefit since most Americans absolutely despise it! 

Creating a space & keeping it organized is essential to running a household.  Most of us like to think of homes as more warm and fuzzy but there are responsibilities that come with it.  

Here are 4 easy steps to organize your home office.

Manage incoming & outgoing papers

All paper falls in this category: mail, invitations, cards, catalogs, magazines, soccer schedules, daycare changes.  

Inbox Outbox Organizing 

The easiest way to manage papers is to set up two “boxes” - one for incoming and one for outgoing.  Create a home for the papers to land when they arrive and when they leave your home. This insures nothing gets lost in the mix.

Set up a "Tickler File"

Use a file box and hanging file folders - one for each day of the month and one for each month of the year.  

Tickler File Set Up 3

Tickler File Set Up 

Move papers from the inbox and put in a file folder that coordinates what day or month that you intend to tackle it.  October 30th for the Halloween party.  November 1st to pay property tax bill.  

Tickler File Set Up 2

This insures that nothing is forgotten within the inbox.  Your responsibility will be to check the files each day.  Quick & painless with a huge payoff.

For more ideas on how to set up a Tickler File - search Pinterest under "Tickler File".  

*my favorite hanging file folders are by far these: Smead FasTabs with Erasable Tabs.  don't waste your money on any other folders - trust me on this one!*  

Hanging File Folders - Organizers Recommendation 

Label & manage all those cords

Between charging stations, computers, routers, and printers - the cord chaos is probably driving you crazy.   

Organize the cords with zip ties and label each so you know what goes to what without snaking it behind the desk. 

Organize Cords 1 

Organize Cords 2

This has a huge payoff visually and when the printer stops working you can thank me that you labeled the right cord instead of turning off the lamp or wireless router. 

Label Cords 

Organize the office supplies

Organize all that little stuff (paper clips, pens, staples, rubber bands) because you don’t want to find out you’re out at the moment you need it.  Ditch the bulky packaging and store in something that is clear (glass or plastic).  Organize them on a bookshelf, in a closet, in a piece of furniture.  

Organize Office Supplies 

Simple project with a big, long term payoff. 

Organizing Office Supplies 2 

And if you want to know "How to Set Up a Home Office" - head over to the Metrolina Habitat ReStore blog to read my blog post there. :) 

October is a great month to tackle home office organizing projects - Get your necessary "paper" area organized before the rush of the season!

For more ideas on how to decorate or even set up a home office - Pinterest board "Decorate The Home (Office)".  

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Until next time...