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2017 & Tracking My Habits


What are your plans for the new year ahead? I'm working on developing and tracking new habits. 

Happy New Year 2017! We rolled into the New Year with a little bit of quiet time, some reflection, & a lot of planning.  

2016 was a great year for us but we (Raymond & I) realized that we need to be better captains of our ship.  Mainly in terms of time. 

We worked reeeeeeaaallly hard last year and I personally came to the edge of overload several times.  Our #1 goal was to build the business and grow.  And we did just that.  

This year I want to be smarter.  Smart with our time, smart with our processes, smart with our connections, and smart with our projects.  I want to work smarter not harder (because I already did that last year). 

In reflecting, I realized a few things:

  • I enjoy the process of making a Vision Board, although I don't do it because I think it has magical success powers. Although if they did, then that would be an added bonus.
  • Managing my time & learning to say no will be the MOST important habit to implement this year. 
  • Having a morning routine helps me start the day off on the right foot. 
  • I love reading "self-help" books & setting a simple goal of one book a month isn't too daunting. 
  • It is imperative that I set aside one consistent day to be in the office & no where else.  So far that day is proving to be Mondays. 

Much like the year I set goals per month & added to them like compound interest, I wanted to adopt those goals as habits for this year. 



I downloaded this free Habit Tracker to get me started. 

It is a mediocre motivator, but I do enjoy coloring the squares.  To color the square Jennifer you must first complete the task. :) However, it is proven to be more discovery than motivating.  Understanding how my day-to-day affects my simple daily goals is eye-opening.  My goal is to use this discovery to then plan and outline a better day. 

Example, I love a good morning routine, but alas realized that a good night routine would make the morning that much better. Or easier. 

Or when I'm out all day for organizing or estate sales, then I need to pack water. All 6 cups of it. Otherwise I won't drink much at all.  

So how is your new year coming along? Any goals? Any changes you want to make? Anything you really liked from before that you want to carry forward? 

More to come by way of organizing calendars & to-do lists, and scheduling our days so we don't lose our mind. :)

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Until next time...