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unDECORATING & The Charlotte Observer


Organizing tips on how to undecorate your home and keep those decorations organized throughout the year. 

Last month, The Charlotte Observer reached out for organizing tips. They were writing an article about unDecorating from Christmas and asked if we had any tips to share. 



Of course we had tips! The focus of the article was how to undecorate from the holidays while staying organized. I’m sure your Christmas is up as of today (2/5/17) but it might be useful as you start decorating for different seasons or future holidays.


You know. Pin now, read later. 


Tip #1: Remove all decorations at once and pile it up in the floor. 

I don’t want you to do anything other than just take down all of the holiday decor.  And make a big messy pile in the floor. 



Tip #2: Sort the pile into categories. 

Sit in the floor and categorize your decor.  I recommend categorizing based on type (like string lights) and on how it is used (like mantle decorations)


Here are some examples of categories:

  • Mantle decorations.
  • Outdoor decorations.
  • String lights, extension cords, and timers.
  • Ornaments. 

At this point you are just sorting.  No packing up. No making decisions.  Just sorting.


Tip #3: Purge from the categories.

As you sit in the floor looking at your piles, pull out anything that you no longer like.  Make a pile (by the door) for your donations.  

Tip #4: Write a list of items that you want to add to your decor. 

This will be your shopping list throughout the year (or early part of the holiday season next year)

I prefer to keep my list handy as I typically run across holiday items (at good prices) throughout the year in my thrift trips or during our estate sales. 

If you want to keep it handy, then store:

  • in your phone
  • in an app
  • in your calendar
  • in your bullet journal
  • in a notebook

If you only think about new decor every November & December, then store the list with your decor.  


Tip #5: Gather all of your plastic bins and storage containers. 

If they don’t match, then I recommend buying new ones.  Visual clutter is just as bad as actual clutter. 


What do I mean by matching. I prefer the same brand in the same color family.  Hefty is my go-to for larger bins because they hold up the longest and they stack ever so neatly. 

If we were talking about this in December, then I would recommend buying red & green containers.  You’ll likely not find holiday colored plastic bins in stores now, so you could 

  • buy online
  • or just buy plain bins (although my preference is holiday colored).

You can visually identify what bin is for what in your garage or attic quickly.  It is like a color coded calendar.  


Lastly, I highly recommend ornament containers.  Divided trays keep your precious ornaments safe all year long.  And if we want to take it further, store your ornaments by color. :D


Tip #6: Empty the bins (and purge from decor that didn’t make it out this year).

If you didn’t use it this year, then you likely won’t use it next.  Go ahead and add it to the donate pile by the door. 


Tip #7: Store your categories in individual bins. 

One bin for string lights and extension cords.  One bin for mantle decorations and indoor decorations.  One bin for tablecloths, napkins, mugs, etc. 


Tip #8: Add labels to the front of each bin as to it’s contents. 

Christmas: String lights, extension cords, timers.

Christmas: Santa hats, stockings, and tree skirt.



All DONE! :)

Put in the effort now to get your decor organized and you will be doing a jig come Thanksgiving when it is time to decorate.  Not to mention, you do this once and will likely not need to do it again.  Maybe tweak but not do over. Keeping up is easier than catching up. 

Now go dust the surfaces and vacuum the floor and possibly live with the quiet space for a month before adding back any “normal” decor.  

If you want to read the full article, then CLICK HERE

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Until next time...