It is official!  The new Pure & Simple Organizing website is launched.  Is Live.  Is Real!  


I wanted to call them Homemade Hot Pockets --- Raymond poo poo'd that recipe name. ;)

We made this awesome recipe earlier in the week and ate on it for several days.  My favorite type of dish is one that allows us to enjoy a few dinners and a lunch.

Another month in the books ... almost!  I think we are all SO ready for spring to arrive and stay that it is making us a little crazy and impatient.  Waking up to 30ยบ weather is less than ideal when the calendar says March 28th. :)

Staying true to form for my third month, I'm checking in on my March goals.

Is it Wednesday already?  Where has the week gone?!  I've been a little quiet this week as I'm spending some time regrouping and decluttering.  Yes, even the organizer needs to declutter. ;)

I wanted to round up a few guest blogs in case time is on your side and you wanted to check them out:

Happy happy Friday once again! :)  What a nice week -- it was rather long but rather short. I like confusing everyone. ;)

I managed to get a few things accomplished .. and managed to have a mini-meltdown.  I proclaimed that I needed a vacation several times to Raymond on Monday.  I may not have said vacay in the works, but I instantly felt better.  Perhaps just declaring I need a break helped my brain breathe a little easier. :)