Yesterday I published this ginormous post centered around 5 questions to 8 bloggers.  Since the post was so long, I decided to round it out today.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  I spent my Saturday at IKEA for their BYOF event teaching 2 organizing workshops.  I met some awesome people and had a great time in the process!  I decided to take Raymond to brunch yesterday at 300 East.  Best.Brunch.Ever!  Followed by a nap, impromptu trip to Starbucks, and the best Goodwill adventure I have had in months!  UGG boots anyone? ;)

Every time I write "sloppy joe's" I think of that scene in Billy Madison.

I like the idea of sloppy joe's but I hate Manwich.  Nas.tee.  I don't know what is in that can of goop.  I prefer homemade. ;)

I'm blogging over at The Charlotte Moms this week about Spring Cleaning.  I don't know about you, but I am ready for warmer weather.  I'm ready to open the windows and air out the apartment.  I'm ready for a change ... a new season!

If you have children, then you probably remember the stress that came over you when your first child was due in just a few short months.  My guess is (since I don't have any little ones) that preparing for the first child is the hardest.